& Development

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We understand technology as a tool to increase the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your organization, that is why we specialize in attending the computerization of critical areas that form the basis of your business, applying Rigorousness, methodologies and international standards, as well as a highly qualified team.


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In GAUSS LAB we offer an external quality service, which will be transformed into one of the key pillars that allow to collaborate in the innovation processes of your company.
Our vision around the creation of software development projects is simple: all of them must respond to the values that we believe are principal, such as ethics and good practices, as well as being sustainable, fair, solidarity, ecological and committed.

& Reliability

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Technology and Business Project management solutions that collaborate for a better integration of the computer tools of their clients. The safety and reliability of our applications and softwares complies with international standards, orderly and error-free code that may mean risk of loss of information.

Our Services

Responsive Design

Our applications and software are designed to be handled from mobile devices, from the beginning.

Ideas & Solutions

We understand technology as a tool to increase the efficiency, productivity and profitability of an organization.


Our design team brings colors and shapes to all our projects, thinking about the image of the companies and the end user.

Software Bug Fix

We found and fix bugs, errors in your systems and softwares.

Make a Good Choice

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Because we provide comprehensive solutions from an idea, project planning to the final visual result. An honest team, cheerful, trained and always alert!.

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'The Gaussians' are musical. Music takes us to multiple places, and in practice it helps us to release tensions and to think better. Whenever you're close to someone on our team, you'll know you'll hear a good selection 😉

Love Art

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In GaussLab we love art. Street art, classic, modern, popular. All artistic expressions nourish us for, at the time of work that contribute with something more than colors...


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GaussLab, Lab Lab. We believe that testing, research, travel and exploration are a fundamental part of the human being. Not everything is code or regulation!, we also have a space to inspire and discover or rediscover cities, food, beverages, work systems and life forms.

Santiago, Chile.